Givebutter integrates all of the fundraising tools you need into one place that's easy to set up, customize, and manage. Say goodbye to multiple logins and hello to your end-to-end fundraising solution.

Four quick steps to make the switch to Givebutter 

Start fundraising, tracking progress, and meaningfully engaging your supporters in minutes.


Create your free Givebutter account 🧈

Sign up in just a few minutes to get full access to all of Givebutter’s 160+ free fundraising features. Once you’ve created an account, take some time to explore your dashboard and request a demo to discover all you can do with these free tools.


Import your contacts 📊

You don’t have to upload any donor information to get started on Givebutter, but if you don’t want your existing supporters to miss out on any fun, we highly recommend it! If you already have a list of contacts living on another platform, you can download that info as a .csv file and upload it right into your Givebutter dashboard.

The best part? Givebutter has no limit to the amount of contacts or custom tags you can upload. You can keep your growing list of donors organized and then add as many custom tags, segments, or notes as you’d like!

You can also bring over any recurring donations you’d like to transfer from another fundraising platform or payment processor like Paypal.


Start fundraising 💸

Choose your first campaign type: Make a donation form, a fundraising page, or a fundraising event and jump right in to raising money for your cause. As contributions come rolling in, put Givebutter’s free nonprofit CRM and donation management tools to use to keep track of all of your supporter activity. Don’t forget to thank your donors and keep folks updated with personalized emails, text blasts, videos, and more.

Plus, mobile-giving has never been easier thanks to Givebutter's Text-to-Donate feature—supporters can simply text a 5-digit number and give in seconds using their smartphone.


Take your fundraising to the next level ⚡️

Dive into our growing library of resources and connect with Givebutter’s network of fundraising Experts. We also know there are some really great tools out there that you may not want to leave behind. That’s why Givebutter has developed seamless integrations with hundreds of apps and platforms, including Bloomerang, Double the Donation, DonorSearch, Zapier, and more.

Now you’re all set up to raise the funds you need, so you can get back to making the world a butter place.

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Have questions about any of these steps?

Or, are you a big organization or have a tricky situation? Contact us and we'll make it easy to switch. Our award-winning support team (available via email, live chat, or voice—your choice) staffed with real human beings is standing by ready to help.

Why switch?

Givebutter gives you the freedom to replace and integrate multiple fundraising and engagement tools into one powerful, user-friendly place. No subscription fees or hidden costs—everything is free to use with our 100% transparent tip-or-fee model.

Why switch from Classy?
(or other “all-in-one” fundraising platforms)
  • Givebutter is free to use no matter how many donors you have.
  • You can easily import your data into Givebutter with unlimited custom tags for easy filtering and segmenting.
  • With free text-to-donate, you can create your own unique shortcode for your organization.
  • Givebutter accepts the widest variety of payment methods out there and offers industry-low payment processing fees.
Why switch from GoFundMe?
(or other crowdfunding sites)
  • All of Givebutter’s fundraising templates—donation forms, fundraising pages, events, you name it—are customizable and can be personalized to match your organization. 
  • Givebutter integrates the best social and design elements into your campaign, enabling you to engage with your supporters using all the GIFs, YouTube videos, and Canva designs you desire—directly on your supporter feed AND through email and texts. 
  • You can incorporate team fundraising with individually customized pages.
  • Givebutter campaigns are automatically optimized for mobile devices.
Why switch from MailChimp?
(or other email marketing tools)
  • Use Givebutter’s advanced filtering tools to created tailored, dynamic lists of your supporters and craft unlimited, fully branded emails AND text messages.
  • Build gorgeous emails with Givebutter’s visual editor that integrates directly with YouTube and Canva—no clunky uploads or confusing embed codes.
  • Track exactly how much you raise from each email and see it all laid out on your dashboard. Analyze open rates, clicks, conversions, and total revenue from each message.

Why switch from Eventbrite?
(or other ticketing platforms)
  • Givebutter makes it super easy to create events for free, forever! We’re supported entirely by optional donor tips. You can also turn off tips for a small fixed platform fee based on the campaign type you’re using (which more than 90% of donors on Givebutter choose to cover).
  • Create real time supporter feeds for your virtual events where you can like and respond to donor messages and pin important campaign updates.
  • Access unlimited ticket types and automatic event email reminders.
  • Track offline donations and ticket purchases, so all of your donor data is in the same place regardless of if supporters are attending virtually or in person.

Why switch from PayPal?
(or other payment processors)
  • Givebutter gives you customizable donation buttons, forms, and bubbles that can be seamlessly embedded onto your website.
  • You can still accept donations from popular payment processors like PayPal with Givebutter. Switching allows you to offer several different payment methods, so donors can choose their favorite way to give.
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We’ve made switching platforms
as smooth as butter

Too often, barriers get in the way of changemakers trying to raise funds for a good cause. That’s why we’ve made it as seamless as possible to create a free Givebutter account. From there, what you do is up to you! Sign up for free to start creating donation forms and fundraising pages, importing your contacts, and planning your first campaign in just a few minutes. 💪 

The Givebutter team is always available to make sure you have all the tools and support you need to reach your goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!